Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A fresh start.

Hey folks, My name's Andrew Lapointe and as of late I've hosted a modest little podcast called CINEMA SCORE. Over the past few weeks, I've really gotten hooked on this podcasting thing. It has motivated and inspired me and has given me a reason to get my ass out of bed on my days off. I started CINEMA SCORE only a short time ago and part of the journey has been learning how to improve my podcasting skills. Last week I had my friend Stephen Kieswetter on the show and it went so well that I decided maybe he should become a co-host. Two movie geeks who know too much about movies and who own too many DVDs is a good on-air combination. In addition to this, I feel that a name change is in order. The name CINEMA SCORE never had any real significance to me. It just had a nice ring to it. Then I discovered that CINEMA SCORE is the name of a movie marketing firm in Nevada. Hoping to avoid copyright conflicts, I started to think of a new title for the podcast. Not easy of course. With so many movie podcasts out there how do you stand out? Fortunately, it didn't take me too long to think of a good title that I hope will be distinctive. Here goes: LIVING IN LETTERBOX. With this new title, the podcast will mostly stay the same. Interviews will be featured, the music will still be provided by the band THE HILOTRONS, but this time having Stephen as a co-host will make it more lively, interactive, funny and interesting. The thought of me continuing to talk to an invisible audience alone doesn't hold much interest for me. Having a partner does. I hope that this change will open up an opportunity to reach more listeners and attract an audience, maybe even sponsors. This new podcast will take over CINEMA SCORE, but all seven episodes of that show will remain available here. Stephen and I hope that you'll check out our new show, share it with others via Twitter and Facebook, and even participate! Our first episode will be coming very shortly. -Andrew Lapointe, Newbie podcaster @andrewlapo

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