Monday, 19 November 2012

Episode 12: Sweaty fever dreams

If you wake up hungover in a dusty and humid shack and some dirty bloke forcefully puts a beer in your hand, you're probably in the movie WAKE IN FRIGHT, a lost and found 1971 Australian film that displays the surreal nightmare that is a lost weekend in the outback. Steve and I review it plus I talk about another lost film that also combines sweat, desperation and violence all in a desolate setting: SONNY BOY, which features the late David Carradine playing a woman. Also, I talk about the FOUND FOOTAGE FESTIVAl, a live comedy show hosted by comedians Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, which came to Ottawa last week.

Please note: this episode was supposed to be online last Friday but technical issues held us back (argh!) Anyways, here it is. Please enjoy and leave us comments!


  1. Excellent episode, guys. I will gladly accept copious amounts of Pepsi and/or beer should I ever reach the city of Ottawa in my travels.