Friday, 23 November 2012

Episode 13: Bonus show! A conversation with stuntman/actor/filmmaker Gary Kent

Hey folks!

I mentioned via Twitter that I'd post two episodes this week but Steve is sick with a little bronchitis, so instead of a regular show, I thought I'd reach back into my personal archives and present an interview I did a couple of years back with Gary Kent, a stuntman, actor and filmmaker whose over 50 year career in the film business includes rubbing (bruised) elbows with Jack Nicholson, Warren Oates, Lee Marvin and filmmakers like Richard Rush (Freebie and the Bean) Al Adamson (Satan's Sadists) and Brian DePalma (Phantom of the Paradise.) He's done stunts on various biker, horror and even softcore skin flicks, often playing "Bad guy #1". He's directed two independent films: the 70s headtrip flick THE PYRAMID and RAINY DAY FRIENDS, a drama about cancer survival, both of which have been rereleased on DVD after years of obscurity.

When you work in movies, anything can happen. One of Gary's more bizarre stories includes crossing paths with Charles Manson and his followers while on location shooting a western. All his stories are documented in his memoir SHADOWS & LIGHT. Great stories abound!

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